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We present Positive Beauty to our customers

We continue to keep our values by providing our customers effective skincare solutions
through a hand-selected collection of products and brands.


We invite you on a journey to Positive Beauty

We count all the moments that are with you valuable.
While sharing the same philosophy with you, we can achieve the goal and move forward together.
Aren’t you excited to have a better dream with us?


Check out the benefits by groups

Check out the benefits by groups
White Blue Silver
Commission 4% 10% 12%
Cookie Duration 30 days 60 days 60 days
Upgrade Condition* 1 post of Wishtrend
/ 1 Referral sales
Over $250
commissions in total
Over $5,000
commissions in total
Wishtrend Point 1,000 Points 3,000 Points 10,000 Points
New Product Test After new product launch Before new product launch Before new product launch
Product Offer
(by term or quarter)
Apply as a reviewer 5 products (by term) 5 products (by quarter)
Featured at Wishtrend
- Suggested selectively Selective exposure
Giveaway - Once in a year Twice in a year

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* You have to meet the upgrade conditions in order to upgrade to the next group.
(ex. If you are in the White group, you have to make 1 referral sales or upload 1 post related to Wishtrend to move to the Blue group.)


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